Quercus-commissioned report considers issues for private businesses looking to take the next step

January 12, 2018
Andrew Clegg

Much is made about the need to have a strategy if a privately-owned business is to achieve its potential.

But it’s an argument that misses something which is quite fundamental.

For an effective strategy to be drawn up and implemented, there needs to be clear thinking by the owner-manager who has become increasingly focused on the day-to-day operations.

The company might never have been more successful financially, but ironically, it could now be much more vulnerable because it has never been so inward looking.

A report commissioned by Quercus considers the issues.

Included are the views of Neil Pizzey (Amazon Filters), Lee Biggins (CV-Library), Nick Jubert (Dennys Brands), Phil Simmonds (EC Electronics), Philip Haines (Field Systems Designs), Gary Robinson (LG Motion), David Shore (Time 24) and Tony Robinson (Uki Media & Events), Chris Sykes (Volume).

A copy can be viewed and downloaded using the link below.



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