Quercus’s has broad ranging credentials in the Industrials space from Defence and Automotive to specialist manufacturing and automation.

From a Quercus perspective, the Industrials sector includes companies that manufacture and distribute capital goods in support of industries such as aerospace and defence, automotive, chemicals, construction and engineering, and electrical equipment and heavy machinery.

The UK Industrials and Manufacturing sectors still account for over 10% of GDP, but the industry is under increasing pressure from cheaper imports from overseas, whilst the aerospace and defence segment has been hit by defence budget cuts and aircraft safety concerns following multiple issues with Boeing’s 737MAX aircraft.

The COVID-19 situation has piled additional pressure on the industry with many manufacturing facilities forced to close due to lockdown, and the global slowdown in the tourism industry leading airlines to cancel aircraft orders, with the resultant impact on the entire supply chain. However, those businesses manufacturing PPE or cleaning products will have been positively impacted by the pandemic, as will those who were able to quickly adjust their facilities to help support the manufacture of ventilators.


Comprehensive service offering 

We leverage our vast experience and tradecraft gained from 350+ successful transactions to deliver you a Partner-led bespoke service.  We can advise you on:

  • Private company sales
  • Corporate divestments
  • Buy-outs and Buy-ins
  • Acquisitions
  • Raising equity and debt capital


The Quercus approach

  • Experienced
    Our business model is built on providing clients with access to a highly experienced team with over 200 years’ cumulative advisory experience. All our projects are led day-to-day by experienced partners.
  • Connected
    We have meaningful relationships with strategic acquirors both domestically and internationally though our membership of the Terra Alliance. We are also well connected with sources of capital including private equity, venture capital, banks, commercial lenders and family offices.
  • Insightful
    Our experience of transacting at every stage of the economic cycle means that we know how to present businesses to maximise interest and deal creatively with issues that may subsequently arise.
  • Principled
    We are proud of our reputation for discretion and independence, and our advice to clients is guided by our values: Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.


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